This online book only exists because in 1999 two things came together at the same time: my interest in Ninjutsu and my interest in web design.

When I first came into contact with Ninjutsu in the 90’s, information was very difficult to find. There were very few Dōjō in Germany, none of them within reach for me. Books were scarce, and the few books that were available were very difficult to obtain (I had to pay in advance without ever seeing them and wait weeks or even months for delivery). At that time I collected every piece of information that fell into my hands and made notes. This collection of notes became what this website is today.

I use Hepburn spelling for Japanese words, except for a few terms that are so commonplace (e.g. Ninja, Ninjutsu or Samurai). If a term is unclear, you will certainly find an entry in the glossary that describes in more detail what it is about. I don’t pluralize Japanese words, even if it’s allowed. I just think it sounds awful. A Ninja. Two Ninja. Lots of Ninja.


This chapter contains sections on the origins of Ninja and Ninjutsu, fighting schools, biographies, the largest and most famous schools, stories of conflicts in the Ninja heartland, the decline of the Ninja, and recent history.

Organization & Training

This chapter deals with the structure within a Ninja school and the training of the Ninja.

Body Training

Everything about the physical abilities, the fighting positions, fall school, sneaking techniques and similar topics can be found in this chapter.

Weapons & Tools

The Ninja had a vast arsenal of weapons, gear, poisons, medicines, and food, which I’ll explore in more detail in this chapter.

Mental Powers

In this chapter I describe Ninja spiritual powers, philosophical and religious concepts.

Strategy & Tactics

The numerous strategies of espionage, warfare, escape techniques, techniques of hiding and disguise are examined in more detail in this chapter.

The Legacy of the Ninja

The biographies of the grandmasters Takamatsu and Hatsumi, the organization Bujinkan, as well as the 9 schools of Bujinkan are described in more detail here.

Rules & Philosophy

In this chapter, a few more rules and philosophies are described at the end.


The attachments contain a Chronology of this website from its inception to the present, including screenshots of old versions’ designs. There is also a Downloads page where you can download the eBook and other useful stuff. Recommendations contains book and film recommendations from the subject areas Ninja, Samaurai, Bujutsu, Martial Arts, Philosophy and Asia. The Glossary contains over 500 words from the field of Ninjutsu and martial arts including the Japanese characters. Colophon contains information about this website, FAQs, contact information and technical information.

Text: Stefan Imhoff