Rin (臨) – Dokkoin

Rin represents kongo, or the diamond-like lightning bolt. This diamond represents incredible power and pure knowledge that transcends all ignorance. The Ninja uses this sign to increase their power, both physical and mental.

Signs of Tibet. Vajra Lightning Bolt

Sign of the Tibetan Vajra Lightning Ray

Pyō (兵) – Daikongoin

Pyō is the corporeal symbol of the diamond, the symbol of knowledge. With this sign, the Ninja directs the flow of energy in his body. In this way, the Ninja can reach his goal faster.

Mark of the Great Diamond

Sign of the Great Diamond

Tō (闘) – Sotojushiin

The lion is a powerful animal and is considered mythical. Also in front of temples, you can often see a lion on both sides. Through the Ninja gains the ability to move in harmony with the universe.

Sign of the Outer Lion

sign of the outer lion

Sha (者) – Uchijishiin

Sha stands for our internal organs. When the Ninja uses this mark, he becomes able to heal himself and others. He creates a healthy environment around himself.

Sign of the inner lion

Sign of the inner lion

Kai (皆) – Gebakukenin

Kai represents the man striving to draw near to God. The sign, by the way, is the same as when praying. When the Ninja uses this mark, all illusion is prevented and consciousness absorbs far more. The Ninja thus becomes able to anticipate and anticipate danger.

sign of connected fist outside

sign of connected fist

Jin (陣) – Naibakukenin

Jin represents the human being who relies entirely on the cosmic consciousness of God and trusts his intuition. Through jin, the Ninja can bring his own thought waves on a level with other people and thus read their minds or send them his own thoughts.

Inside joined fist sign

sign of connected fist

Retsu (列) – Chikenin

The left index finger represents humanity in this world surrounded by pure knowledge. Together they represent the unity of the material and spiritual worlds. Retsu allows the Ninja to rule space and time. He becomes able to take his mind to other places or other times and thus gather knowledge to solve his problem.

Sign of the Fist of Wisdom

Sign of the Fist of Wisdom

Zai (在) – Nichirinin

This sign symbolizes the fire that destroys all impurities, thus elevating the spirit to a higher level where it becomes one with the whole universe. The Ninja uses zai to control the entire universe and all matter through the sheer force of his will.

Sign of the Sun Ring

Sign of the Sun Ring

Zen (前) – Ongyoin

This sign symbolizes the fully enlightened one who has seen through all things. Since an enlightened one can become the target of ridicule or envy, the Ninja uses this symbol to receive the protection of the cosmic forces. So he becomes invisible to bad and low people and can disappear from the eyes of others.

Hidden Shape Character

Hidden Shape Character

Text: Stefan Imhoff