Fitness and Mobility

Jūnantaisō is the Ninja conditioning training to improve suppleness, speed and reactions in order to be able to use the techniques of taijutsu effectively. In Ninjutsu, strength is gained through flexibility. Muscles and tendons regain their natural elasticity. Jūnantaisō – in connection with a proper diet – keeps the body healthy into old age.

The muscular system can be divided into two areas. Weak muscles are strengthened with fast repetition exercises. With this type of training, which is characterized by rapid alternations of contraction and relaxation, a feeling of physical exhaustion may occur.

The second system allows rigid and immobile muscles to be improved through stretching. This type of training is also known from Indian yoga. In this type of training, the positions are held for a few seconds while the muscles are relaxed.

It should always be borne in mind that jūnantaisō is not a simple warm-up before combat practice, but provides a vital, healthy foundation. The body learns to function in harmony with all parts again.

Below are some examples from the jūnantaisō, but there are countless other exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance. Pull-ups, sit-ups, various push-ups, and stretching exercises for all parts of the body.

Example Exercises

Push thighs to floor

Push thighs down

move the upper body to the feet

Move the upper body to the feet



move head to ground

Move head down

Splits forwards and backwards

Splits forward and backward

lean backwards, sitting on heels

Lean backwards, sitting on heels

Reach feet with hands

Reach your feet with your hands

move legs overhead to the ground

Move your legs overhead to the ground



Deep stretch position

Deep stretch position

Kick kick against an obstacle

Kick kick against an obstacle

Legs floating off the ground

Legs hover over the ground

Text: Stefan Imhoff