Pressure and Blow to Nerve Points

Atemite is the name of the pressure, blow or impact on the approximately 250 sensitive areas of the human body. The effects of the blows range from harmless pain that forces the opponent to submit, others (69 critical) are classified as dangerous because they can lead to unconsciousness, paralysis, or death. These points are nerve centers, vital organs, or concentrations of blood vessels.

A Ninja should always know exactly about the points of the body, on the one hand, to be able to protect himself better and on the other hand to be able to defend himself effectively.

To achieve an effect with atemi, the blows must be mastered perfectly and placed extremely precisely (on the smallest possible area). In order not to kill the opponent immediately, you have to calculate the opponent’s constitution and thus determine the hit dosage.

To better protect yourself, it is essential to develop a strong chest and abdominal muscles.

Explanation of Hit Zones

Atemite Hitzones

The 69 most important hit zones are explained in more detail below. In addition to the number and name of the area, the preferred body weapons and the effect of a hit on them are also mentioned.

No.TargetBody WeaponsEffect
1FontanelFront fist, back of fist, edge of the hand, back of heeldeath
2frontal boneback of fistdeath
3back of headfist, heel, elbowdeath
4templesBack of fist, knuckle fist, edge of the hand, ball of footdeath, fainting
5eyebrowsknee, fistdecreased eyesight
6eye socketfingertips, thumbsdecreased eyesight
7eyesfingertips, thumbsdecreased eyesight
8bridge of noseknuckle fist, edge of the hand, ball of the foot, head, fistdeath, fainting
9external auditory canalpalmdecreased hearing
10Cheekbonesedge of the hand, fistfracture
11nasal bonehead, edge of the hand, fistfainting
12above the upper lipedge of handfainting
13behind the earfingersfainting, death
14upper lipedge of handfainting
15jawsfist, elbow, head, kneefainting
16lower lipedge of the hand, fistdecreased eyesight and hearing
17salivary glandfingers, knucklesfainting
18between the lower lip and chinedge of handfainting
19mandibleelbow, edge of the hand, fistfracture
20chin tiphead, fist, elbow, kneefainting, fractured jaw
21Sinus Boneedge of the hand, fingerunconsciousness, death
22carotid arteryedge of the hand, fingerfainting
23epiglottisedge of the hand, fingerfainting, death
24laryngeal fossaedge of the hand, fingerfainting, death
25tracheafinger, edge of handunconsciousness, death
26neckelbow, edge of the hand, foot swordparalysis, death
27upper clavicle depressionfingersfracture
28claviclesedge of handfracture
29lower clavicle depressionfingersparalysis
30armpitsedge of the hand, fist, nerve pressure, foot sword, fingerdeath
31chestheel, front fist, elbowfainting, death
32nipplesclaws, fist, heelunconsciousness, death
33Sternumfist, elbow, foot, front fistfainting, death
34heartfingertip, fist, elbow, head, front fist, heeldeath
35heart tipfingertip, elbow, head, front fistdeath
36lung tipsfist, heelfainting, death
37sternum processelbow, knee, front fist, fistfainting, death
38Ribsfistfracture, internal injuries
39thoraxEdge of hand, elbow, front fist, ball of the foot, foot sword, heeldeath
40solar plexusFingertip, Elbow, Front fist, Knuckle fist, Bottom of fist, Heel, Claw, Thumbfainting, death
41spleenfist, fingertip, edge of the hand, front fist, elbow, heeldeath
42Shortrib edge of the hand, footdeath, fainting
43Stomachfist, foot, elbow, back of fist, front fist, edge of the fist, ball of the foot, heel, kneefainting
44Scapula crestedge of the hand, fistShoulder Paralysis
452nd cervical vertebraedge of the hand, elbow, knee, foot sworddeath, fainting
465th cervical vertebraelbows, kneesdeath, fainting
477th vertebraeelbows, kneesparalysis, death
48elbow jointfist, edge of handfracture
49kidneysfist, edge of the hand, elbow, nerve pressuredeath
50spindle legelbow, heel, kneeparalysis, fracture
51fingersOverstretching, Fracture, Fingeroverstretching, fracture
52wristedge of the hand, handsoverstretching, fracture
53back of the handheelfracture
54navelfist, elbow, kneefainting, death
55bubblefist, elbow, heel, foot swordInternal injuries, death
56ledgesfist, footfainting, death
57testiclesInstep, Knee, Fist, Fingerfainting, death
58kneecapsfoot swordfracture, paralysis
59cruciate ligamentsKnee, Elbow, Heelparalysis
60Shinfoot swordparalysis
61knucklesinside footFracture, overstretching
62Instepheelfracture, bruise
63sacrumheel, knee, elbow, fistparalysis, knees
64coccyxfoot, knee, fistparalysis, death
65Poplitealfoot swordOverstretching
66calf muscleheel, foot, edge of handbruise, paralysis
67Fibulafootparalysis, fracture
68knucklesoutside foot, foot swordfracture
69Achilles tendonfoot sword, fingerstendon rupture

Text: Stefan Imhoff